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December 5, 2014 at 5:33 pm

Every precious picture that you share– the one beautiful thing I have noticed- is the sparkle in your eyes.
It’s not the lighting, or the camera, or anything like that– it is a true, genuine sparkle that can only come from inside–
Nothing can stop it, or hide it– you are blessed by it- and you continually bless others by it!! That’s just one of the beautiful traits I
love about you!!

December 5, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Mary- Such a beautiful thing to say, I’m touch and grateful. We all have obstacles along the way- and though things were sometimes tough if someone asked me if my childhood was a happy one I’d answer magical. How bad can magical be. Thank you for reading, supporting and adding your voice to Farm Stories!!! Love you!!! xoxo

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